When is the best time to buy a mattress

When is the best time to buy a mattress

Getting the best mattress for your bed that will guarantee your comfort and good night sleep is on top of most people’s to-do list. Whether you are looking for a particular brand or a specific type of mattress, knowing the right time to buy your mattress can be quite helpful.

Most people find themselves in a bind where buying a mattress is concerned. Looking at this from a purely economic standpoint, purchasing a mattress is not something people do that often as they occasionally take a few years between purchases. This means customers come to the market with no idea on when to buy one and end up spending more than they could have if they knew when to buy a mattress.

Pricing is also not the only reason one should take into account when determining the best time to buy a mattress. Other factors, such as the condition of the mattress and demand should be taken into account when determining the best time to buy a mattress.

So, when is the best time to buy a mattress? You may ask, let us take a look:

A) The state of your mattress

   1) Age of your mattress

Mattresses don’t last forever. While all mattresses get worn down after a period of use, not all mattresses come with the same warranty. As such, the best time to buy that new mattress is when your current one stops being comfortable.

   2) Comfort

Sometimes the age of your mattress doesn’t matter as much as the quality of your mattress. Your body’s level of comfort can be your best indicator that you need a new mattress. Waking up with aches or even struggling to get a good night sleep should be a good reason to get yourself a new mattress.

Your level of comfort may also be hard to determine sometimes as your body can get accustomed to your old mattress. Usually, it takes sleeping in another or new mattress to tell, and this typically happens when you go on vacations, and you end up sleeping in hotel mattresses or Airbnb. Once this happens, then it is an indication that you need a new mattress.

  3) Bed-Wetting

Bed-wetting in kids tends to cause long term damage to a mattress regardless of the type and quality of your mattress or even how frequent you clean the mattress. It is essential to keep track of your kid’s mattress quality and replace it. There are some measures offered in the mattress industries to prevent urine damages, but they each have their drawbacks.

B) In between March and April

The mattress industry usually introduces new models and improvements of the old ones in showrooms during the June to September period. This forces retailers and all other outlets to clear out their old stock for the new merchandise. The period between March and April becomes the perfect time for the retailers and other outlets to get rid of their old inventory before the new one arrives.

As someone looking for a mattress, this presents a perfect opportunity for you as the prices at this point are usually at an all-time low or discounted compared to any other time. A smart buyer will take advantage of this opportunity get themselves their favored mattress at a lower price. Sometimes you may get lucky when the old stock fails to be completely sold off during the March to April sales. This is also a good time for you to buy them at still low prices.

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C) Offers and package deals

The May to April period isn’t the only time you can get mattresses at a discount. Some companies and even large retail stores usually offer discounts and package deals unique to them. Often it is due to several reasons from celebrating anniversaries, milestones and all the way to attracting new customers and to also maintain the old ones or even advertising new mattress models. The best way to find out about this is through online shopping and media outlets.

The offers sometimes come in an extra unit for a package deal as an incentive for customers to buy more of their mattresses. Taking advantage of these deals is the best thing you can do if you are looking for a mattress.

D) Holiday deals

Holidays like Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Black Friday sales), 4th of July national holiday are well known by customers to be associated with hot market deals. If you are looking for a mattress, this period will serve as one of the best times to get yourself one, or two depending on your demand.

E) When you get new family members

It happens sometimes you get an additional member in case of a household. Additionally, a family member may grow up and become taller than their current bed and by extension mattress. Situations like these require you get a new mattress for the family member or members depending on your situation.

F) January white sales

January is another special month that comes with deep discounts and great deals for you. Retails stores hold white sales on mattresses, beddings and other household items to increase sales. During this time discounts can go as low as 60%, which is a very sweet deal for you. If you are looking for a mattress, then this is one of the best times to buy one, whether online and have it delivered, or directly at the store.

G) When new stores are opening or old stores closing

It is not unusual for new stores to offer opening specials as a way to attract customers. On the other hand, closing stores try to get rid of their remaining stock at a reasonably low price. The only downside is this can happen at any time of the year, and therefore one needs to be on the lookout for any adverts in the media outlets or surf through the net to find them.

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Throughout the year there are plenty of opportunities for one to buy a mattress provided, you know exactly when to do it. Understanding the market trends can be beneficial as you get to save money by capitalizing on better deals and discounts. Another thing to keep in mind is that the need for a new mattress may not always be anticipated. Therefore one needs to do some online research to get the best deal using the information given.

What is SharePoint and how it works

SharePoint is a software developed by Microsoft that operates similarly to Google Drive. However, the functions of SharePoint are more than that. The platform is meant to enhance communication and data exchange between team members in an institution.

The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office’s latest versions to provide the users with the best complete data sharing platform that they could ever think about. The platform was launched in 2001 primarily as a document storage and sharing system. However, the services offered by the platform have gone extensive modification over time to produce what is the present SharePoint.

According to the managing company of the software, Microsoft, the platform has gained extensive use with 200,000 primary organizations using its services.  In these organizations, over 190 million individuals are using the platform. Throughout the years, the server has undergone numerous modifications to produce what is today’s version.

From the conventional SharePoint Portal Server 2001 through SharePoint Server 2010 that featured the now nonexistent Foundation to the present SharePoint Server and Enterprise 2019, the application is continuing to be modified to fit into the ever-changing market demands.

Each version features new modifications that are meant to make it more unique from the previous one. As such the future of SharePoint is bright and Microsoft users should be on the lookout on the newest service on this platform.

The functions of SharePoint are varied depending on the particular edition that a company is subscribed to. The two major versions of the software include:

1.    SharePoint Server

As the name suggests, this edition features servers that are provided to organizations that seek to incorporate SharePoint in their operations. The unique feature about this edition is that it allows for the user with varied customization features to suit compatibility with the organization’s operations.

Unlike the other editions of SharePoint, this version is not synonymous with frequent updates. Instead, SharePoint Server emphasizes the provision of Cloud-based hosting services to the subscribers. SharePoint Server exists in two main sub-editions namely SharePoint Enterprise and SharePoint Standard. The free version, SharePoint Foundation was in use until 2016 when Microsoft removed its services.

a)    SharePoint Standard

This version is an improvement on the conventional Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Some of the areas that SharePoint Standard provides an improvement on include:

•    Creation of more customized sites that target a specific audience and improved the functioning of the web analytics feature.

•    Creation of communities for an institution.

•    Improved content management through provision of updated systems in data compliance.

•    Improved and customized search results. The software minimizes the scope of search and focusses on what is crucial for the particular organization.

•    Provision of workflow templates to save time for an organization’s employees. With the templates, one only needs to input the data.

b)    SharePoint Enterprise

Users that have access to SharePoint Standard can also use the features provided by SharePoint Enterprise. This can be done by accessing the unlock key responsible for giving admittance to the use of the improved software. Its features include:

•    More customized search results than in SharePoint Standard

•    Provisions of user dashboards. Integrating business intelligence features is also enabled

•    Enables access to additional Microsoft features such as PerformancePoint and PowerPivot.

2.    SharePoint Online

Microsoft hosts this version of SharePoint. An individual or organization that subscribes to the Microsoft Office 365 can gain access to the services of SharePoint Online. However, an organization can also purchase it as a separate entity without access to Microsoft Office 365 features. The primary advantage of subscribing to this version is that the user organization doesn’t have to undergo through the hectic of searching for a host. Microsoft does the hosting work for the subscribers.

However, this also poses a disadvantage as the customization of an organization’s specific features is disabled. It is, therefore, suitable for a small company that doesn’t have immense data to store and send to its employees within the organization. Typically, SharePoint Online is designed for files hosting and content management on a small scale basis. Unlike the SharePoint Server, this version receives regular updates from Microsoft.

Uses of SharePoint

The applications of the services are varied from one organization to the other. However, a configuration is a must for most of the service to be activated. Some of the applications of SharePoint include the following:

1)    Content management

The platform enables the organization to store, retrieve, archive, track and manage their data. SharePoint ensures that these functions are executed within the legal means of the organization in question. With the appropriate setting, the organization can set the systems to ensure that they fit seamlessly to its processes. The application is also integrated with other significant Microsoft features such as Excel and Word. This enables real-time editing that is an important feature when handling an organization’s data.

2)    Intranet

SharePoint features an intranet portal that ensures that the internal communication within an organization can be conducted effectively. Through the intranet feature, transfer of crucial information in the company is transferred from one party to the other. The benefits of having a SharePoint Intranet feature include increased employee involvement and improving processes management. New staff onboarding is simplified as the employees are incorporated into the system and systematically shown how every process is carried out.

3)    Collaborative framework

Organizations require some activities to be conducted in a team. SharePoint ensures that this process is enhanced through the provision of project scheduling and shared mailboxes among other features. This ensures that everyone has access to data that is meant to be viewed by the entire team.

4)    File Hosting

Arguably one of the best features of SharePoint, the software enable the individual to create a storage and synchronization system for their data and documents.  OneDrive for Business is the service by SharePoint that is aimed at ensuring that the stored data can be shared from one party to the other. The software also enables integration with Microsoft Exchange to create a personal storage system that mimics that of cloud hosting.

SharePoint was initially built to compete with the other file storage and sharing platforms such as Google Drive. However, it has superseded the initial projections with its new and improved features.

The large number of organizations using the services totaling to 200,000 according to Microsoft testify to its increased use among firms. SharePoint Server 2019 has new features such as the ability to store larger files than ever.

It also has a provision of creating folders and naming them uniquely to simplify data access. Finally, SharePoint 2019 enables access to communication sites meaning that the users can share their data with other social networks.

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