Guide to Drinking Tea During Pregnancy

Drink tea pregnancy

When a woman finds out that she is expecting a baby, there are many different things that she will need to do. One of the most important it taking care of her own body. The changes that she makes in her lifestyle will also help to ensure the baby is not born prematurely or enter the world with any type of birth defects. So, it is also essential that the expectant mothers know what foods to eat, how to take care of her own body and a host of other things that are related to prenatal care. When she is talking to her physician about the foods that she can eat and the beverages that she can consume, it is important that she understands clearly the effects of liquids like teas have on the body as a whole.

Typically, if she favors drinking tea over other beverages, she may also want to pay very close attention to the following, information, which is a Guide to Drinking Tea During Pregnancy. This guide has some key things that you should know before you start any type of regimen of drinking tea regularly.

Why Drinking Tea Sounds like a Good Idea When You Are Pregnant

The practice of drinking a cup of tea in the morning is not new. In fact, some cultures consider the practice of drinking tea in the morning as a staple that has been around for many thousands of years. And, there are many beneficial reasons why this is the case. Some cultures consume different types of teas because of the nutrients that they contain in their make-up. For instance, it not uncommon for pregnant women to drink tea in the morning to boost their immune systems so that their babies are healthy in the womb and when they are later many years older.

Based on the type of tea that you are drinking, one of the top benefits is helping to ease morning sickness. Therefore, drinking a cup of tea is not purely for the sake of the nice brew taste that they search but also a way to minimize the first-trimester experience of waking up nauseous. So, a cup of tea in the morning for women in the a.m. is a great tradition for women who like the overall comfort of avoiding morning sickness. Health and medical professionals are also saying tea can help to protect your heart since it has essential substances like antioxidants that will lower the risk of heart cancer.

All Teas are Not the Same —Some Should be avoided because of the Dangerous Potential on Mom and the Child

Presently, many of the notable sites that publish information on teas and its benefits are posting data that is related to both the pros and cons of consuming this kind of beverage. First of all, whenever you do your research on the different types of teas, you may find that there is a wide range of teas that you and your family can drink. The types that you choose may range from black teas to green teas. All of which have their own unique taste, benefits and their purposes.

Some of the teas that you find can only be found in specific parts of the world since they may be indigenous to different geographical locations. For instance, when you search the different parts of the world where teas are grown today, you may discover that South America, Africa, Asia and places around the Caspian and Black Seas are the dominate areas. In fact, as you begin to drill down in your research you will also find that the 4 largest producers of tea India, Sri Lanka, China, and Kenya (i.e. representing as much as 75% of the world producers. That said, each of the different teas has its own properties, nutrients, and benefits. So, it is very important that you know which teas are considered to be the choices to drink during a woman’s pregnancy.

The Best Types of Teas choices to Drink During Pregnancy

According to information from some health and wellness professionals like LiquidImageco, some women may not always like the taste of plain water and this may hinder their progress in staying hydrated. This is one of the main reasons why they may seek out different herbal teas to drink versus tap water. The teas that have certain properties are considered to be highly recommended over others since they can help to fulfill the need. To make sure that pregnant women are only drinking the best teas for hydration, here are some distinct properties that should be looking for.

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Caffeine – Free
  • Antioxidants

Some of these teas may be consumed at different times of the pregnancy too. For instance, in some cultures, the midwives encourage expectant mothers to drink special teas like rooibos tea for a number of purposes including helping to combat insomnia. Other teas like the red raspberry leaf tea is also a favorite of midwives because it is commonly known as being very effective in promoting stronger contractions during labor. As a result of the different types of teas and the benefits that they offer, it is important that everyone research the different tea types and the associated props and cons of each.

Teas Drinking Habits and types of Teas to Avoid

Just like you can find information on teas that’s great for drinking during pregnancy, you can also find teas that women should avoid too. These are the herbal teas that’s considered to be unsafe to consume since they may cause a variety of unwanted side effects on the mother’s body. For instance, teas that are meant to be used for a PMS diet regimen. You should avoid teas that cleanse and detox the body because they may even act as a herbal laxative. In any case, some of the most notable examples of teas that should avoid are those that can be classified as blue cohosh, black cohosh, dong quai, and a variety of others.

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