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New Cisco CCIE Wireless 400-351 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers (1-20)

Which three steps are required during the intial configuration of a Cisco Converged Access controller so that the access points can join? (Choose three)
A. The Cisco 5760 controller that acts as a mobility controller can support up to 10000APs.
B. Ensure that an active license is enabled with the proper AP count.
C. Ensure that the wireless management interface is correctly configured.
D. In a Converged Access deployment, the APs must be on the same VLAN as the wireless management interface.
E. To enable wireless services, the Cisco 3850 switch must run an ipservices or ipbase license.
F. Network connectivity is not necessary because all the APs connect directly to the Converged Access controller.
Correct Answer: B,C,E

When creating a guest account on Cisco identity Services Engine .Which option in the sponsor portal allows for the guest credentials to be used for RADIUS authentication without requiring the guest user to log into the guest portal?
A. Set the Guest role to Guest
B. Set the Guest role to Activated guest
C. Set the Time Profile to Radius 1Day
D. Check the box to send email not send email notification id the guest user name is based on the email address.
Correct Answer: B

Which two platforms provide hypervisor virtualization? (Choose two.)
A. DevStack
B. Docker
D. OpenStack
E. Xen
Correct Answer: C,E

Refer to the exhibit.
400-351 dumps
According to the debugs and loin the Cisco WLC and Cisco LAP which WLC discovery Algorithm is used by the LAP to join the Cisco WLC? 400-351 dumps
A. DHCP server LAP sends a layer 3 CAPWAP discover request to the Cisco WLC that is listed m the DHCP option 43.
B. configured LAP sends a uncast layer 3 CAPWAP discover request to the Cisco WLC IP address that the LAP has in its NVRAM
C. Broadcast lap broadcasts a layer 3 CAPWAP discover massage on the local ip subnet
D. DNS lap resolve the DNS Name CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTEOLLER cisco to the Cisco WLC ip address then it sends a uncast layer 3 CAPWAP discovery request to the Cisco WLC
Correct Answer: A

In which direction does application visibility and controller mark the DSCP value of the original Packet in the wireless LAN controller?
A. in one direction, either upstream or downstream
B. in one direction, downstream only
C. in both direction upstream and down stream
D. in one direction upstream only
Correct Answer: C

You are in process of installing Cisco prime high availability servers and you have a firewall between the primary and secondary server. Which two incoming and outgoing TCPIUDP ports must be enabled on the firewall for Cisco prime servers to exchange health monitoring heartbeat massage and to allow Oracle to synchronize data? (Choose two}
A. 1521
B. 8080
C. 8082
D. 1522
Correct Answer: C,D

Refer to the exhibit.
400-351 dumps
What is the best way to resolve this issue?
A. Install a publicity signed wildcard certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server
B. Disable certificate checks on the client.
C. Use the certificate authority on the Cisco identity services Engine.
D. Install a publicly signed server certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server
Correct Answer: A

When you enable QoS in a Cisco Unified Wireless environment, the AP queues packets based on the layer 2 CoS value for each packet. The AP processes and applies QoS policies in a specific order. Drag and drop the QoS statement on the left to the correct order of how the AP processes and applies QoS policies on the right.
400-351 dumps
Correct Answer:
400-351 dumps
Your customer has a Cisco unified Wireless Network running AireOS 8.0 and wants to learn about the Flex Connect mode that is available on his APs which two statements are true?(choose two)
A. When an AP is changed from localmode to FlexConnect mode a reboot is required.
B. A newly connected AP can be booted in FlexConnect mode
C. When an AP IS changed from local mode to FlexConnect mode a reboot IS not required.
D. Cisco Centralized Key Management require the use of FlexConnect group
Correct Answer: C,D

400-351 dumps
Correct Answer:
400-351 dumps
Which port does cisco JSE use by default to send RADIUS CoA messages to the Cisco WLC? 400-351 dumps
A. UDP 3799
B. UDP 1813
C. UDP 1700
D. TCP 1812
Correct Answer: C

400-351 dumps
Refer to the exhibit which syslog logging facility and severity level is enabled on this AP ?
A. logging trap severity 6, logging syslog facility local7
B. logging trap severity 3,logging syslog facility sys 10
C. logging trap severity 5,logging syslog facility local14
D. logging trap severity 7, logging syslog facility local 7
E. Logging trap severity 9,logging syslog facility kernel
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about wireless LAN security in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network VoWLAN deployment is false?
A. EAP-FAST, if available, is the recommended EAP type for use in VoWLAN deployments.
B. Although LEAP is considered secure for VoWLAN handsets when correctly deployed, it is recommended that a different EAP method (FAST, PEAP, TLS) is used, if available.
C. Dynamic WEP mitigates the security weaknesses in static WEP, making it a viable option that can be relied upon to secure a VoWLAN deployment.
D. When using EAP authentication, the EAP-Request timeout value should be adjusted based only on the advice of the VoWLAN handset vendor.
E. When using WPA Personal, strong keys should be used to avoid a dictionary attack.
Correct Answer: D

While troubleshooting a failed central web authentication configuration on cisco WLC you discover that the Cisco WLC policy manager state is showing RUN For new client and not CENTRAL_WEB_AUTH what is most likely the issue.?
A. The WLAN Layer 2 security should be sent to WPA+WPA2
B. The WLAN NAC state should be set to RADIUS NAC
C. The web login page under the cisco WLC security should be set to external (redirect to external server)
D. The WLAN layer 3 security should be set to web page policy with condition web redirect.
Correct Answer: B

Which two options are valid mobility roles in which a controller can operate in during a client mobility session? (Choose two.)
A. local
B. auto anchor
C. export anchor
D. mobility announcer
Correct Answer: A,C

After you implement a network scan and view the report, you notice that a plug-in did not access any of its dependent plug-ins. What did you forget to do?
A.enable the Dependent Plug-in check box on the General Tab form
B.configure dependent plug-in support when you mapped the Nessus scan check to the Nessus plug-in rule
C.install dependent plug-ins when you updated the Cisco NAC Appliance plug-in library
D.load the dependent plug-ins for that plug-in in the Plug-in Updates form
Correct Answer:D

The Cisco ASA must support dynamic routing and terminating VPN traffic. Which three Cisco ASA options will not support these requirements? (Choose three.)
A. transparent mode
B. multiple context mode
C. active/standby failover mode
D. active/active failover mode
E. routed mode
F. no NAT-control
Correct Answer: A,B,D

When configuring the Cisco NAM to implement Cisco NAA requirement checking on client machines, what is the next step after configuring checks and rules? 400-351 dumps
A.retrieve updates
B.require the use of the Cisco NAA
C.configure session timeout and traffic policies
D.map rules to requirement
E.configure requirements
Correct Answer:E

What is the result when the condition statement in a Cisco NAA check for required software evaluates to false on a client machine?
A.The required software is automatically downloaded to the user device.
B.The required software is made available after the user is quarantined.
C.The user is put in the unauthenticated role and the software is considered missing.
D.The user is placed in the temporary role and the software is made available.
Correct Answer:B

You are implementing a WLC at a remote site and want to make sure that you are able to sync up with the Cisco WCS at the central site. Which two statements about this process are true? (Choose two.)
A. If the WLC is behind a firewall, you must make sure that UDP ports 161 and 162 are open.
B. The Cisco WCS server does not need direct IP connectivity to the WLC.
C. Cisco WCS will not be able to communicate with the WLC if the WLC is behind a NAT device.
D. If the WLC is behind a NAT device, the WLC’s dynamic AP-manager interface must be configured with the external NAT IP address.
Correct Answer: A,C

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